Vera and Bálint

We are getting married!

As all of you already know, we have decided to spend the rest of our lives together. Wow, it is really serious! In order to tie the knot officially we would like to invite you to celebrate with us!


Our Story

You know, you were there! :) We met at the first day of Erasmus in Groesbeek, the Netherlands. Two Hungarians gravitating towards each other, even in a different country. After living six months in Holland, we have spent more than five years together before Bálint proposed in November, 2020. The wedding date is 9th of October, 2021.

The Details


We have found a wonderful venue in Tata! The wedding will take place in the Palm Event Venue, in the English Park of Tata. He we will have the wedding ceremony as well as the unforgettable party afterwards. 

We suggest to leave the cars in the parking garage beneath the hotel which is in walking distance of the church and the venue.



We would like to take care of the accommodation for the night of the wedding so you don't have to worry about it at all. It will take place int he Chrystal Imperial Hotel, in the heart of Tata. Here you will have the opportunity to get ready before the wedding. You can leave the car in the parking garage beneath the hotel. 

You can move in your rooms at 14:00 and you are allowed to stay until 11:00 the next morning. If you would like to arrive early or stay late, just let us know and we will inform the hotel. There is a SPA ;)


Our wedding will start with a catholic religious ceremony in the Szent Imre Church, in Tata. After that we will walk to the venue, Palm Event Venue, where we will be getting married in a civil ceremony as well. The dinner and party will take place at the same location.

And the next morning, after an incredible party, we will going back home to our rooms in Chrystal Imperial Hotel.

Image by Nathan Dumlao


Hope this little map could help you with all the necessary directions getting to Tata. If you have any questions or need some help with anything, let us know! 


Hotel Kristály Impreial

2890 Tata, Ady Endre utca 22.

Szent Imre Church: 

2890 Tata, Bartók Béla út 1.

Palm Event Venue

2890 Tata, Angolkert


Got any questions? Hit us somewhere so we can help you right away. If you know when are you going to land and what are your (additional) plans, let us know!

On the spot you will also have someone who can help you, we will send you his details so if you have questions, or you are lost he will help you asap.

Until then, write us if you have any thoughts!


Photos: Sweet Light Studio